Saturday, October 8, 2011

Jenny and the great interplay

Jenny and the great interplay - A portrait of Jenny Endersen's life – English subtitles (3:6)
– from the Norwegian TV series: "Der ingen skulle tru nokon kunne bu" - a very popular television series about people living in remote places in Norway. It features fascinating people and spectacular scenery.

Posh girl left US to live simple on remote farm in Norway
Jenny grew up in wealthy Westport in Connecticut, USA. She’s never owned a computer, a car or a television. But every evening she sits in front of her loom weaving, and she goes out to milk the cow from the lantern-light. Jenny Endresen lives on the remote mountain farm Moslid in Telemark, southern Norway, without any electricity or roads. She lives as farmers did a hundred years ago. The purpose is to be self-sufficient and avoid contributing to the mechanical system destroying the earth.

NOTE! The interviewer speaks Norwegian but Jenny responds in English so people who do not understand Norwegian will be able to enjoy the program too. There is also a lot of beatiful scenery to be seen.

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  1. There is a road to her farm, and she used the washing machine at the school she went to to wash her familys clothes. Her husband in Norway had a car, they went to school in it almost every day. Do not believe all of the things this woman has to say. The farm had no electricity, that is true, and the way she lived is in a way admiring. They had a phone in the barn, and that was a good thing, because they had a little boy when I met her. Jenny thougt only of her self, she was not good to collaborate with other people